Property Law

Property law home, gavel and scales of justice

A deed is a legal document prepared by a lawyer, which when signed by the sellers, conveys title to the property to the buyer. The deed, along with other incidental paperwork, then gets recorded with the County Clerk. We can help prepare a deed for you to transfer or acquire land in a quick and affordable manner.

We can also serve as legal advisors for commercial and residential real estate owners in matters including:

  • Purchase agreements – representing buyers and sellers
  • Title examination – review title, clear clouds on title including mechanics liens
  • Lease agreements – review and draft lease agreements for property managers, residential and commercial renters
  • Lease compliance disputes
  • Condominium bylaw disputes – townhouses, condos, and other owners associations
  • Landlord Tenant Disputes

If you are considering buying or selling residential or commercial real estate, you want an experienced real estate lawyer. Real estate transactions involve documents, many of which include legal descriptions and other complex terminology. An experienced attorney will make certain that the paperwork is correct and will help you understand the process, so that you can make informed decisions. Let me help you make the correct decisions. 

I work with buyers and sellers at all stages of a residential and commercial real estate transaction, from the negotiation of terms through the closing. Once terms have been agreed upon, I will review and prepare all the documents necessary to successfully complete the transaction, including buy-sell agreements and deeds. I will also review all title documents to ensure that the property transfers free and clear of any liens, and will confirm the accuracy of your settlement sheet before the closing, so that there are no surprises.