Property Assessment Law

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In Pennsylvania there is a law known as The General County Assessment Law, 72 P.S. § 5020 – 101 et seq. The statutory assessment scheme provided in the law applies to all 67 counties in the state and requires that each board of assessment appeals consider, in conjunction with each other, three methods of arriving at actual value for real properties which include (1) cost (reproduction or replacement, as applicable, less depreciation, and all forms of obsolescence), (2) comparable sales, and (3) income. The taxpayers are supposed to entitled to equalization and uniformity in assessment.

Every real property owner is required to pay property taxes. Given the state of real estate, it is likely that issues will arise concerning tax matters. If you suspect that you are paying too much in property taxes, it is a smart idea to seek legal counsel from an experienced property tax lawyer. I can help determine if you are being overassessed or if you are eligible for a tax reduction. I serve clients throughout the Allegheny County area in residential and commercial taxation law matters. I am committed to providing quality legal counsel, guidance, and advocacy to clients trying to resolve your legal matters in an efficient manner.