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The purpose of the civil law (as opposed to criminal law) is to settle disputes between individuals, organizations, associations, business entities, etc. The plaintiff files the lawsuit (a pleading or complaint) against the defendant. The plaintiff usually wants reimbursement for damages if there was a breach of contract, compensation for injuries if someone was physically or mentally hurt, or an injunction wanting the court to order the defendant to stop acting in a harmful, injurious, or malicious way.

Lawsuits can be filed for or against individuals, groups, associations, business entities, organizations, companies, or government agencies. General civil litigation matters can involve economic restitution, compensation for an injured party, deterrence from future actions, or retribution for a wrong or wrongdoing. Sometimes the issues can be simple such as a case involving one party failing to pay money to another party. Other times there can be cross-claims filed by the defendant against a plaintiff alleging that the defendant did not pay the plaintiff because the plaintiff breached some term of the contract. Sometimes in the cross-claims the defendant asks the court to order the plaintiff to pay the defendant money.

I have handled cases involving property disputes, general litigation, contract actions, and civil rights actions (representing both plaintiffs and defendants). I have litigated matters both in state and federal court. Sometimes the matter that is the subject of the lawsuit ends up before a mediator. The mediator listens to both sides of the action and tries to come up with a compromise or amicable solution to the dispute between parties. Other times the case can end up before an arbitrator who takes the place, upon the agreement of the litigants, of a judge or jury to decide the matter.

The laws involved in civil litigation vary according to the particulars of an individual case and the laws of the jurisdiction(s) involved in the dispute. I have experience in both federal and state court defending and prosecuting civil matters such as personal injury cases, civil suits for breach of contract, or civil rights lawsuits.

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